What's most important when choosing a training provider?


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ABC Online Training provides all your training needs including Certificate Courses, Business Diplomas, Business Training Seminars, Life Seminars, Training Courses in Better Business Management and more.


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Why Business Coaching?

Experience the power and possibility that comes from real Encouragement

  • Take action in the direction of your goals and dreams
  • Unlock your potential and maximize your performance
  • Create and sustain positive change
  • Celebrate your SELF as well as your accomplishments

Coaching is an on going working together partnership built on taking action.

In this powerful agreement, clients find themselves:

  1. Operating their Business more efficiently with increasing profits.
  2. Doing more than they would on your own
  3. Reducing the Stress of Business
  4. Being in Control of your Business.
  5. Taking more Effective and Focused Actions.
  6. Becoming more balanced and fulfilled.

People hire a coach when they are:

  1. Looking for Professional breakthroughs
  2. Starting a new business.
  3. Feeling Dissatisfied.
  4. Re- evaluating life's choices.
  5. Looking for Personal Breakthroughs
  6. Making a Business transition.

Coaching is action orientated.

Coaching is moving forward, not dwelling on the past.

It doesn't matter how clients got where they are or who is to "blame" for how they turned out. Coaching is about where an individual is right now and where they would like to be.

They believe the answers to challenges are found within the client and support that client in discovering and implementing their own solutions.


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Thank you Frank, you and your company have helped grow our small business to a turnover in excess of $2.5m. This has been done in a managed manner over the last 2 years. The new systems, procedure, and management manuals have helped considerably with management of staff including conflict resolution, and the disciplines necessary with this significant business growth.

"Frank, the diary and "Daily Tasks" has helped a lot as well as setting dead lines. It helps in keeping things organised and nothing gets left to later dates. This has helped with the stress levels at work also keeping customers happy."

"Hi Frank the thing that has helped me the most out of training is keeping a paper trail of everything I do in a day. It has helped me to remember things I have to do. I couldn't count the amount of times it has saved me from forgetting to do jobs."